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2023 Grant Recipients 

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The King’s Daughters and Sons Circle Number Two has served the Greenville community for more than one hundred and twenty-two years. Prior to the 1890’s, Greenville had no organized charities, welfare agencies or hospitals.In 1892, a group of local women set about meeting the needs of the area’s underserved population. By 1894, they needed more support to be effective. So they applied for a charter of incorporation to the International Order of The King’s Daughters, one of the oldest Christian service organizations in the world. Their charter was received January 14, 1895. The King’s Daughters Hospital was a product of the charter.

Since that time, the hospital and the Circle have been faithfully serving Greenville and the Mississippi Delta. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the Circle sold the hospital, but now continues as a charitable foundation.

Proceeds from the sale of the hospital make possible grants to philanthropic projects in the area. Since its inception in 2000, the Foundation has given more than $4,500,000, making it one of the largest contributors to charitable projects and programs in the Mississippi Delta.

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Mission Statement

The Foundation’s mission is to identify and fund the highest quality programs and projects that best represent the needs of our five county communities in the following funding areas: Education, Health, and General Welfare.

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